Do this before giving constructive criticism

Got some “stretching” feedback to give to someone? Here is a tip from the good folks at

Next time you have to provide constructive criticism, consider sleeping on it first. Your input will be far more effective, and better received, if you aren’t feeling agitated. Put some distance between the offending action and the feedback to gain perspective. You may need to calm down over several days. This will give you time to prepare, consider the other’s point of view, and deliver the message in a calm and helpful way.

Run Faster Goals Suck

Wally Bock at Three Star Leadership Blog points out that the amorphous “run faster” goals…well…suck:

“Run faster” goals are the ones where you decide to “increase sales” or even “increase sales by 51.25396 percent” and the only change is that you’ll “do better.” Those are truly weak. If you make your goal, you pat yourself on the back without knowing how you succeeded. If you don’t, you tell yourself that you tried.

Set a goal with a behavior in it. Like making an additional sales call every day or thanking everyone on your team for their effort at least once a week or making notes about what worked and what didn’t at the end of every day. If your behavior gets the result you want, great. If not change it.